Frequently asked questions

The Solux equipment warranty depends on the type of device, the AX series all-in-one terminals have a 3-year warranty, receipt printers and barcode readers 2 years, and the rest of the equipment and peripherals With 1 year of guarantee.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects as well as labor costs for repair. It does not include damage caused by poor handling and/or installation, improper use, damage caused by electrical problems, atmospheric phenomena, natural disasters, floods, etc.

Yes, thermal receipt printers fully support the ESC/POS command protocol.

Yes, thermal receipt printers have a spool driver for Windows and CUPS for Linux, simple to install and easy to use.

Thermal receipt printers have 3 (three) communication interfaces, namely: USB, Serial and Ethernet. When installing the printers, it is possible to choose which communication interface the system will connect to. It will be used to print receipts and other documents.

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