Perfect Peripherals

That offer you durability, speed and comfort.

Printing Devices

Compact, high quality and modern.

Why automate your business?

To grow quickly, safely and efficiently.

Commercial Point Of Sales

One solution for all billing processes.


High speed and accuracy on all devices to facilitate the collection and billing processes.


Stylish, modern and compact equipment that becomes part of your image.


The performance, durability and ease of use of each device is guaranteed and proven by hundreds of users.

Real solutions

Solux offers you the complete suite of devices for the commercial point of sale that you need.

No matter the size of your business or the number of transactions, make your customer's shopping experience quick and easy.

A solution for every need

A large store or a small business, a lot of inventory or you are starting from scratch. Solux adapts to what you need.

POS Devices

Our product catalog is always available with a wide variety of specialized solutions to facilitate processes at point of sale.


All-in-one equipment for fast service and automated billing at point of sale, with touch screen and compatible with most software.


Thermal or impact option for receipt printing or thermal for label printing, with high speed, auto cutter and multiple connection interfaces.


High range barcode readers and compatible with the most common 1D and 2D codes on the market. Manual, fixed, wireless and omnidirectional option with high durability and resistance.


Additional variety in peripherals that complement customer service functions at point of sale, such as cash drawers and customer screens.

What our clients say

Carlos Torrealba
| CEO | RCTECH Software | Panamá

"I was looking for a robust and efficient Hardware where our billing software runs at the speed that my clients demand. I found it in Solux."

Marcelo Cárcamo
| COO | Bayshore Panamá | Panamá

"In Solux, I have a great ally. The technical support stat has decreased by almost 70% due to the excellent quality. It is the first option for my clients with high billing traffic."

Nilo Mérida
| Commercial Director | POS Venezuela | Venezuela

"Solux is a brand that makes my sales easier. Inventory availability is constant and prices are always very competitive."


The Solux equipment warranty depends on the type of device, the AX series all-in-one terminals have a 3-year warranty, receipt printers and barcode readers 2 years, and the rest of the equipment and peripherals With 1 year of guarantee.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects as well as labor costs for repair. It does not include damage caused by poor handling and/or installation, improper use, damage caused by electrical problems, atmospheric phenomena, natural disasters, floods, etc.

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