Second Display Screen LCD 11.6” (with or without pole)


  •   Pole display is used as a secondary monitor.
  •   The unit is equipped with a 11.6-inch LCD monitor.
  •   Can be used for delivering multi-media messages.
  •   The screen assures clear visibility for this small-sized LCD module.
  •   Products code: SX-2D116-FAAX (Factory assembled on AX series AIO) / SX-2D116-HDC-P (for AX series AIO with pole) / SX-2D116-HDC (for AX series AIO without pole).
  •   LCD 11.6” color screen.
  •   Resolution 1366×768.
  •   Brightness ≥220cd/m2.
  •   Display area 256×144 mm.
  •   Adjustable viewing angle.
  •   HDMI/VGA connection.
  •   Size 299*186*36mm.
  •   Approximate weight 1,496 grams.

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