All in One Terminal


  •   OS Windows 7/8/10, POSReady7, Linux.
  •   Aluminum material housing guarantees efficient heat elimination and steady performance.
  •   Fan free structure for harsh environment.
  •   Multi touch projected capacitive touch screen.
  •   High performance with lower power consumption for high stability.
  •   Waterproof structure design for spill proof.
  •   Removable hard disk for easy maintenances.
  •   OS Windows 7/8/10, POSReady7, Linux.
  •   LCD 15″ TFT 1024*768 / 15.6″ TFT 1366*768.
  •   CPU, Celeron J6412 o Core i3, i5 Generación 11 / CPU Bay Trail J1900 Quad Core 2.0GHz.
  •   Storage 128 GB SSD, 2.5″ HDD (optional).
  •   Ethernet 1*10/100/1000M.
  •   Touch screen projected capacitive touch screen.
  •   Package size 18x9x16 inches.
  •   Package weight 13lb.

POS Peripherals

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